Holiday Gratitude

Hello again and welcome to the PupPanache November blog, as always we would like to thank each and everyone one of our readers, followers, customers, and awesome pet parents. PupPanache is a more than a brand. We are a community and love seeing all the support, engagement, and beautiful pictures of your critters sporting PupPanache gear. As the seasons are changing and humans begin our yearly holiday routine, we would like to share a Public Service Announcement from our Chief of Staff, Ricky the Chihuahua, including helpful tips to keep dogs safe during the holidays.

Greetings human dog lovers, I wish you a cheerful holiday season and hope that you will take the following into consideration. Your festivities smell delicious, 4/5 dogs agree that Turkey is yummy, and all the decorations give us lots of fun things to get our paws into. Yes, you love our curiosity, but this time of the year is actually quite dangerous for a mischievous pup of any age or size. As the holidays approach, be considerate of our sensitive gastrointestinal system, attraction to shiny objects, and habit of following our noses into trouble. A few things to watch out for over the holidays include:

  • Keep holiday sweets, decorations, and potentially toxic decorative plants out of reach
  • Fatty foods such as turkey and turkey skin are particularly hard for dogs to process and can lead to adverse health conditions
  • Human foods such as yeast dough can cause dangerous bloating and gas if ingested by dogs
  • Healthy human food such as onions, raisins and grapes are poisonous to dogs
  • Make sure holiday garbage that might contain scraps is stored or disposed of well away from sensitive noses and curious paws
  • Make sure any guests know the house rules and any special considerations for playing with your  dogs (not all of us are crazy about unfamiliar humans)
  • Keep up with your dogs usual exercise schedule as a way to keep you and us happy and healthy
  • If you plan of having a holiday get together, consider placing shy / rambunctious animal(s) in a separate room with accessible water and a place to snuggle.

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