Adopt – Don’t Shop

PupPanache was founded out of a desire to provide the highest quality and most comfortable accessories to animals that really are part of the family. Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know what it feels like to be loved by an animal and are interested in helping provide a high standard of care. At PupPanache, we have had our hearts stolen by the cutest, kindest, most loving creatures imaginable and they would like us to help spread a message. When you’re ready to expand your family, give adoption a thought.

Puppies are cute; so are 6 month old puppies, 2 year old puppies, and 10 year old puppies. The size and age of a dog is not relative to the amount of affection it can express, or the joy it can bring to your life. When we adopt rather than shop for (puppy mill) puppies, we are giving a much needed second chance to a critter that just wants to be loved. Whether this is your first dog or you’ve already got a furry companion, or two, we think that rescue is a mutual term.

Beyond saving a life, providing a family, and being environmentally conscious, adopting an animal friend is a great way to make having a pet easier on you. Skip potty training, teething, and expensive surgery costs (spay/neuter) by bringing home a friend that already knows the ground rules and just needs someone to love.

  • Potty trained
  • Done teething (optional)
  • Neuter / spay cost included
  • Microchipped
  • Eco-friendly
  • New pet owner friendly

There’s a lot of love just waiting for someone awesome like you to walk into a shelter with an open mind. Big, little, young, and old, there’s all kinds of puppies just waiting to steal your heart and lick your face. Who knows, this new best friend might just inspire you to start a small business so you can spend all your time together.

From all of us here at PupPanache, two and four legged, think long and hard before expanding your family, and when you’re ready consider adoption. You might just be the one who gets rescued.

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