Style, Comfort and Safety

Thanks for stopping by again, it’s been a very exciting summer here at PupPanache and as the season winds down the four legged staff members thought we should make a PSA and let you know about one of the most important aspects of our company, safety. Yes, you’ve probably seen us around the web, maybe even our social media, and while we strive to provide the latest in fashion forward pup-wear, we hold safety to an equally high standard. Looking great is a wonderful aspect of canine accessories, but it is important to keep in mind that the functionality of these products center on keeping your pups out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, not all devices are created equally and we personally know the terror of a dog “slipping” out of an improper device. While we want to keep everyone looking sharp, we truly believe in looking out for the safety of pets. When you purchase a PupPanache product, you are receiving a device that is not only custom made for your animal with materials that ensure comfort and style, but you are also receiving a device that was designed with your dog’s personal measurements and safety in mind.

Escaping dogs don’t make for a good magic trick and we would like your help spreading the message about the importance of measurement in canine safety. Providing video measurement resources, taking into account unique sizing, and having our paws on each product allows an unparalleled fit. Providing the perfect fit for our fashion forward products means that you can put your mind at peace, your dog is safe. Thank you to all of our supporters, social media advocates, and the beautiful dogs wearing our products.

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