Stylish Gear for Dogs

And The People Who Love Them


Thank you for your interest in Pup Panache.  I make personalized stylish and comfortable dog harnesses and collars.

I got started making dog harnesses because I couldn’t find a no-choke escape-proof harness for my own dogs.  My chihuahua "Mr. Ricky" was gagging from the harness pressing on his trachea and he would get rubbed raw on his legs from the harness adjustment buckles.  My aussie "Molly" kept escaping from commercial harnesses.

I thought there has to be a better way. So I designed my comfort no-choke harness that was very popular among my family and friends. Soon I bought a laser engraver and started making personalized dog collars as well.

I make each item by hand from the highest quality materials I can find. All production is done by me (with moral support provided by my Jack Russell Terrier “Lucy” who loves to lie in her heated bed as I work) in my home workshop/studio. I have two other dogs who serve as my marketing staff (people always notice their collars at the dog park) and product testing department. They are “Molly” a mini Australian Shepherd and “Ricky” a chihuahua. Unfortunately one of our greatest ambassadors, Max the yellow lab, has crossed the rainbow bridge. RIP Max, we all miss you terribly.