What size should I order?


Click here for sizing information.


When will my item ship?


I generally ship collars FAST – usually the next business day but occasionally it takes two or three business days if I am really busy.


Harnesses sometimes take a bit longer – 3-5 business days.


When I do ship, you will receive an email with a USPS tracking number so you can track your order.


How long will my collar/harness last?


Every dog is different – if your dog has a super active lifestyle or plays roughly with other dogs who bite at his/her collar, your collar will definitely not last as long as if your dog is a couch potato.


While I make no guarantees about longevity because of the above, if your collar breaks or the stitching comes out or something else happens that doesn’t seem like normal wear and tear to you, send me a picture and if it appears to be a quality issue I will replace it without question.  I use an industrial sewing machine with strong bonded nylon thread and I buy the highest quality materials I can find.  I don’t do mass production – I make each item one at a time when I receive your order so each item is carefully constructed and inspected for quality issues before I send it.   I promise your collar/harness will be sturdy and strong.


Are the items washable?


All my items are washable except leather collars.


I recommend you place the item in a sink full of soapy water and swish it around.  Then rinse with clean water and air dry.  You can place my items in your washing machine in a rubber banded bag (so the metal items won’t damage your washing machine)  but I find that hand swishing it around generally gets it cleaner than your washing machine will since the item has to be in a bag.


Leather collars (except suede) can be cleaned with a leather balm.  I don’t recommend that you get leather collars wet.


How do I know which collar/harness is right for my dog?


If your dog is very active and gets wet a lot I recommend a polyester webbing dog collar.  The polyester webbing virtually sheds water and it won’t mildew like a nylon webbing collar will if it gets wet.  Plus the polyester webbing is stronger than nylon webbing.  The pattern on the polyester webbing is very durable and shouldn’t fade even with repeated washing or getting wet.


Dogs who spend most of their time in the house with regular walks but not any real rough play will be fine with a nylon webbing dog collar.  My fabric covered nylon dog collars are a bit less durable than the plain nylon webbing because the fabric can catch on something and tear or be snagged by another dog’s teeth. Nylon collars are fine if your dog goes on an occasional swim (or likes to jump in puddles or play in the snow) but for frequent swimming I recommend polyester (see above).


Leather collars while strong don’t do well with water.  Being wet substantially weakens the leather and it can tear.  For a dog that doesn’t get wet a lot a leather collar is a great choice.


My fabric and fleece collars and harnesses are made especially for small dogs.  They are super comfy but (obviously) not as strong and durable as a webbing collar.


Can I return the item if I don’t like it?


Since my items are made to order and most items are personalized I don’t accept returns unless the mistake is mine and I shipped you the wrong size or made an error on the engraving.  Sometimes items can be resized so send me an email to see what can be done if you are unhappy with your order for some reason.